Ice – KASHIWA Daisuke [10th NEW ALBUM]

KASHIWA Daisuke’s 10th original album, “Ice,” is set for an early release on June 29 (general release on July 20).
The album is based on the concept of emphasizing clear melodies and is a work that pursues expression through melody.
It features songs with beautiful melodies played in various styles.

KASHIWA Daisuke 10枚目となるオリジナルアルバム「Ice」が6月29日にBandcamp先行リリース決定(一般発売は7月20日)。

Ice – KASHIWA Daisuke

01 algo-Rhythm #02
02 Ice
03 EBV
04 hypocrisy
05 skyliner In the Abyss
06 nemesis
07 Myosotis
08 canaria

PRE-ORDER(CD/DL, Releases 29 Jun.2024)