KASHIWA Daisuke – skyliner In the Abyss

This video was created by Japanese filmmaker “Hiroshi Yoshida”, who has captured the world of skyliner’s rearranged song “skyliner In the Abyss” in a deep, clear and beautiful way. If you are interested, please have a look at his other works. And when you all need images and photos of Japanese landscape and nature, I am sure he will meet your expectations.Thank you!

Music Video : Hiroshi Yoshida (Nikon NPS JAPAN)
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この素晴らしい映像は、石と水の作家 Hiroshi Yoshidaさんに制作していただきました。skylinerリアレンジ曲「skyliner In the Abyss」の私の世界観が深く透明に美しく表現されています。もしご興味があれば彼の他の作品もご覧になってみてください。この作品を観ていただいた皆様に心より感謝いたします。

Vocal & Melody Arrangement : piana
Composed & Produced by : KASHIWA Daisuke